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From the best massages to the most innovative fusion spa treatments and fitness, at The Soul Train we have it all.

The Soul Train Gym takes pride to introduce being first of its kind spas in Zirakpur, which are easily accessible from the nearby stops. The Soul Train Spa therapies combine the best features of various massage techniques to create a one-of-a-kind experience that a spa-goer will remember as one of the most blissful spa experiences ever undertaken. If you are looking for best Gym and Spa center in Zirakpur, you may prefer to visit The soul train gym & spa, which is bound to provide you with the best at your preferred location.

The Soul Train Gym & Spa in Zirakpur is a World Class Gym that is fully equipped with modern equipment. Our professional personal trainers are deeply committed to motivating, educating, and inspiring you to achieve your fitness goals. The Soul Train Gym & Spa is rapidly expanding in Zirakpur.

There are various types of spa services available, but they may differ from one spa to the next. For example, at The Soul Train Gym & Spa Zirakpur, we offer a wide range of massages such as Deep Tissue massage, Aromatherapy massage, Swedish massage, Ayurvedic Potali massage, express massages such as Reflexology, back massage, and so on, as well as beauty elixirs such as facials, body wraps, hair spas, and so on. Apart from this, spa treatments for men are becoming increasingly popular and are widely available in most spas. While there are unisex spas, there are also men-only spas. Men typically prefer facials, deep tissue, or sports massages over relaxing body treatments. At The Soul Train Gym & Spa, we also provide men’s beauty services such as shaving and haircuts. The cost of spa therapy in The Soul Train Gym & Spa will, however, depend on the service you select. The price may also vary depending on the length of the spa service. As each massage has a unique process and healing benefits, the price of these massages varies.

The Soul Train Gym provides impeccable hospitality, expert services, incredible infrastructure, and a peaceful environment, making it all worthwhile. Every bride wants to look and feel their best on their wedding day, which is where we come in. The Soul Train Gym offers some pre-wedding beauty rituals to give you the extra oomph and confidence you may require. We have skin brightening facials that will target acne, and black or white heads, and nourish your skin, leaving you looking radiant. Our body polishers will hydrate and exfoliate your skin, leaving you with smooth skin. Then you will undoubtedly require a body massage to help you relax after all of your wedding preparations. We also provide hair spas to help you look your best with your hair, and last but not least, manicures and pedicures.

Fitness at The Soul Train Gym

Fitness at The Soul Train Gym is the city’s first and best place and it provides a Fitness Training Program. It provides certificate programs in Fitness Management, Personal Training, and Spinning Instructor. It covers a wide range of topics to address and ensure the best international brand practices in India. The three-month courses are overseen by qualified The Soul Train Gym & Spa personnel and include guest lectures by the biggest names in the international fitness training industry, as well as guaranteed internships and a firsthand opportunity to experience fitness training from the industry’s world leaders. The The SOul Train Gym provides the most exciting and up-to-date education pathway for obtaining industry-leading qualifications and continuing education in all aspects of the fitness industry.

The Soul Train, the Gym & Spa, provides a luxurious experience. It is India’s first cultural-themed spa, offering wellness solutions that will leave you rejuvenated and nourished. It’s not so much about the interior design as it is about the variety of spa experiences available under one roof. The Gym has introduced not only Indian spa practices but also some global lifestyles. Remember to schedule any massages or beauty treatments for the evening. You want to leave those lovely oils and balms on your skin for as long as possible, rather than sweating them off in the gym or washing them off before going to Sauna.


Cardio and Strength Training Equipment, Squats, Lateral Raise Machine, TRX, Treadmills, Personal and Functional Training, Dumbbells, Weight Lifting, Chest, and Bench Press, Spin Bikes, Rowing and Calf Machines, Free WeightsMulti-Adjustable Bench, Circuit & Weight Training, Exercise Cycles, and Balls, Barbells.

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Going to the gym and being around motivated people can help you stay on track. Furthermore, having a destination sounds more appealing than working out in the park or your living room.
Have you ever canceled a run because it was raining? Did you skip the outdoor boot camp because was too dark? No matter the weather or time of year, the gym is a great place to work out, so there are no excuses!
Joining a gym can be a very social experience. If you attend classes regularly, you’ll start to get to know people, and before you know it, you’ll have lifelong friends.
According to studies, people who exercise 5 to 6 times per week are more likely to get a good night’s sleep.
People usually join gyms to work out, but they are also a great place to relax. A gentle swim or sometimes time in the sauna will have you zen in no time.